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With over 30 years industry experience, Robert Beagley established Gordian Knot Strategy and Consulting Ltd following 15 years as Sales Director with Wolseley (UK ) a part of Wolseley PLC a FTSE TOP 40 company. Calling on this vast experience Gordian Knot Strategy and Consulting Ltd specialise in Sales and Customer Management, using proven techniques to gain critical insight into customers needs , we will develop techniques that will deliver sustainable growth and enhanced profit opportunities.

WHAT WE DO - We bring an enthusiastic approach to an area which many companies fail to capitalise upon . Deliver a range of services individually tailored to your specific needs - see our SERVICES section of the web site.

HOW WE DO IT - Every business starts with a customer - and so do we ! Gordian Knot Strategy and Consulting will work closely with you to deliver precise solutions. Data is the key driver here and this will help you improve your own understanding of your clients, be clear about what they need and - more importantly - develop a plan to deliver this.

WHY US - Using our focussed approach we will help you to SUSTAINABLY grow your business , improve your efficiency and enhance your profitability.Your business will become CUSTOMER-CENTRIC and driven by their needs which, in turn, will make your relationships more meaningful.

Robert Beagley Managing Director of Gordian Knot Strategy and Consulting Ltd


Gordian Knot historic pictureHISTORY OF THE GORDIAN KNOT - Many of you may well be familiar with the history of the Gordian Knot and how Alexander the Great achieved what everyone else before him had failed to achieve! We use this to remind us that, in business, we must always challenge our thinking , test our values, seek innovation wherever possible and constantly find solutions by thinking “outside the box”.



Government; Scottish Executive;
Local Authorities; Housing Associations;
Utility Companies; Nationwide private groups;
Local SMEs and Start-Ups





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Robert Beagley

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